Sonic Soot Blower Manufacturers And Suppliers

Sonic Soot Blower Manufacturers And Suppliers
Sonic Soot Blower Manufacturers And Suppliers


• We all are facing major problem during plant operation i.e. dust accumulation. Be it on Boiler Tubes, Economiser, Hoppers, Dust Collector bags.
• Resulted in Equipment Efficiency loss.

Conventional Methods
Steam/Compressed Air Blowing :
• Contains many moving parts, Quantity of steam/compressed air used is very high.
• Very high Installation & running cost.
Manual Cleaning: Best option for cleaning but Needs shutdown of equipment.

• Now solution to many of these problems is “Sonic Power System”
• Novel way of continuous on line cleaning of dusty surface.
• Based on Principles of “Kinetic activation of Dust Particles” using sound waves.

Working Principle
• The Sound wave generated by a special designed HORN powered by Compressed Air and controlled by Microprocessor based Programmer.
• The Kinetic energy imparted to the dust particles cause them to vibrate, break their bond with other particles & the surface to which they cling.
• These ‘fluidized’ particles are then dispersed by air flow.

Visual Effect

• Only one Moving part i.e. Diaphragm hence No maintenance.
• Online cleaning.
• Microprocessor based controller can set desired cleaning frequency to keep heat transfer area continuously clean.
• Cleans all surfaces in vicinity, even inaccessible surface can cleaned.
• Wide range of operating temperature up to 1250 °C
• High corrosion application.
• For Boiler no need to take any approval from competent authority for installation

• Effective & uniform cleaning even at inaccessible places.
• Continuous cleaning, Resulted in cleaned heat transfer area all the time, Improves efficiency of the system.
• Reduces downtime for cleaning.
• Negligible maintenance cost.

Applications of Sonic System
• Water tube Boilers & Economizers
• Air Heaters
• Dust Collectors & Bag House
• ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) Hoppers.
• I.D. Fans.
• Smoke Tube Boilers
• Finned Tube Economizers.

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