Float Controlled Steam Trap Manufacturers And Suppliers

• We are well aware of steam condensate heat loss & its recovery.
• Due to steam trap malfunctioning we are facing lot of problems,
• resulting loss of man hours & money.
• Generally we are facing following problems with conventional float steam trap,
I. Trap strainer chock up.
II. Very low differential pressure.
III. Trap valve seat clogging resulting steam leakage.

Float Controlled Steam Trap Manufacturers And Suppliers
Float Controlled Steam Trap Manufacturers And Suppliers


Inline of these problems, We Flowtech Systems & Engineers introducing BEP Float Control Steam Trap.

• Only one working part resulting negligible maintenance.
• Very simple float & rotary plug valve mechanism.
• Independent of Pressure.
• Aperture size large (No need of strainer) avoids strainer cleaning.
• Can work even at 95% back pressure
• Can work very low differential pressure i.e. 0.01 kg/cm².
• No strainer required.
• All moving part SS316, Body MOC cast steel.(No corrosion & its effect).
• Discharge condensate proportionate to rate of condensate accumulation.
• Sturdy designed Ball Float so No effect of water hammer.
• Most Important is trap can lift condensate up-to 20 meters height (No need of condensate lifting pump).
• Initial cost is also less w.r.t. other trap.

Visual Effect
User Friendly Mechanism
• Continuous condensate discharge NO steam consumption for trap operation.
• Can handles high starting condensate load.
• Very good performance at low condensate load.
• Suitable for very low pressure application.
• No effect of dirt as rotary valve gives scrapping effect, doesn’t allow to deposit dirt on valve seat.
• Works even 95% back pressure

Product Range
• Condensate Discharge – Up to 48000 kg/hr
• End Connection – 15 NB to 100 NB
• Pressure range - Up to 320 Kg/cm²
• Installation – Vertical / Horizontal / Right Angel
• Two year Performance guarantee of the Trap.*

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