Condensate Lifting Pump Manufacturers And Suppliers

• We were well aware of steam condensate heat loss & its recovery.
• Heat energy contained in the condensate amounts to as much as 20- 30% of total heat of the steam.
• Every 6C rise in feed water temperature leads to a reduction of 1% in fuel consumption.

Condensate Lifting Pump Manufacturers And Suppliers


Inline of these problems, We Flowtech Systems & Engineers introducing BEP Condensate Lifting Pump.

• Total Mechanical Pump
• No Moving Part
• Ideal For High Temperature Application
• Can operate on Steam As Well As Compressed Air
• Negligible steam / Compressed Air consumption
• Easy Monitoring
• Can measure condensate discharge
• Highly customizable as per client specifications
• Initial cost is also less w.r.t. other pumps.
• Condensate Lifting Pump

• No Impeller - Very Negligible Maintenance
• No Dry Running
• No Cavitation
• Proportionate Discharge
• No Lubrication
• Sturdy & Robust Design
• Increase overall efficiency of boiler.
• Reduces Boiler water chemical consumption
• Reduces fuel and water cost of Boiler.
• Reduces ETP water treatment load.

Product Range
• Condensate Handling Capacity Up to 30000 kg/hr
• Size 15 NB to 150 NB

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