Auto Drain Trap Manufacturers And Suppliers

Auto Drain Trap Manufacturers And Suppliers
Auto Drain Trap Manufacturers And Suppliers


We are well aware of that Water in a compressed air system is a nuisance that causes downtime and maintenance.

• The moisture will wash away the lubrication from system.
• The presence of water will lead to the formation of rust and scale in the air piping system.
• Air dryers and inline filtration products will not perform if they become overloaded with liquid contamination.

To overcome these problems, We suggest use ‘BEP’ Auto Drain Trap.

• Only one working part resulting negligible maintenance.
• Very simple float & rotary plug valve mechanism.
• Aperture size large (No need of strainer) avoids strainer cleaning.
• Independent of pressure fluctuations.
• Wide operation range – Up to 320 kg/cm².
• Trouble-free operation without any Compressed Air Leakage.
• All moving part SS316, Body MOC cast steel.(No corrosion & its effect).
• Discharge condensate proportionate to rate of condensate accumulation.
• Suitable for very high as well as very low condensate load.
• Initial cost is also less w.r.t. other trap.

Visual Effect
User Friendly Mechanism

• Continuous condensate discharge ‘NO’ Compressed Air consumption for trap operation.
• Can handles high starting condensate load.
• Very good performance at High as well as Low condensate load.
• Suitable for very low pressure application.
• Rotary valve gives scrapping effect, doesn’t allow to deposit dirt on valve seat.
• Two year Performance guarantee of the Trap.

Cost of Compressed Air Leakage

Consideration – ½” Size Electronic Auto Drain Valve, Will open for 5 sec. after every 5 minutes; Compressed Air Sys. Operation – 27 days/month  
No. Of Operation in Hour 12 Nos
Total Time ‘OPEN’ – in one Hour 1 Minute
Total Time ‘OPEN’ – in one month(Considering 27 Working days) 648 Minutes
Total Time ‘OPEN’ – in one year 129.6 Hours
If 6.4mm Orifice Open = 12 KW electrical energy wasted per Hour 
Considering - 7kg/cm² compressed air pressure Electricity Tariff - Rupees 7/- per KWH
Electricity Wasted 1555.2 Kwh
Total Cost Involved 10886.40 Rupees

Product range
• Condensate Discharge – Up to 48000 kg/hr
• Sizes Available - 15 NB to 100 NB
• End Connection – welded / Screwed / Flange End
• Pressure range - Up to 320 Kg/cm²
• Installation – Vertical / Horizontal / Right Angel

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